Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is a type of wireless location technology that has become popular for use within Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions. RTLS is used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real-time. With this type of asset tracking platform, businesses can then use real-time location data to drive productivity and efficiency. As the need for IoT tracking devices continues to grow, Bluetooth LE has grown to be one of the leading wireless technologies to power an RTLS because of its many benefits. Let’s take a look.


An RTLS powered by Bluetooth LE is an ideal option because of its many benefits and use cases for indoor asset tracking. Bluetooth LE delivers asset tracking advantages like geofencing, zonal coverage, choke point coverage, and maintenance management, along with many others. How does Bluetooth LE offer a solution to suit your company’s asset tracking needs? Consider the following advantages.

  1. Accuracy. As mentioned above, there are a variety of options users can enable to track assets more efficiently. In many warehouse and indoor environments, users need to track assets within a specific area, making zonal coverage and geofencing valuable options. Bluetooth LE is also known for its ability to more accurately define asset location. Link Labs, for example, uses bluetooth LE to provide location accuracy of up to a meter.
  2. Energy efficiency. Bluetooth LE stays in sleep mode until a connection is initiated, whether that connection is scheduled or random. This power efficiency extends the battery life for 5 years or more. This feature reduces the number of times your company will have to replace your tag’s batteries. An RTLS powered by a system with that kind of battery life instantly increases in value with both replacement and labor costs.
  3. Affordability. Each company has unique needs, but Bluetooth LE technology is easily scaled up or down to meet company-specific needs without overspending. Minimal infrastructure, coupled with energy efficiency, keeps the cost down of deploying an asset tracking solution with Bluetooth low energy.

Although there are other options available to power your RTLS, such as UWB, the advantages of Bluetooth LE make it a leading choice for asset tracking systems. Your company can take on the challenge of implementing a RTLS with the added benefits of Bluetooth LE and be confident in your choice.

Wrapping it Up

Bluetooth LE has successfully provided many businesses with a crucial need for asset tracking. To see how our solution AirFinder OnSite works, book a demo with one of our experts today.

Philip Bender

Written by Philip Bender

Philip Bender is a data analytics leader with a specialty in data integration, business intelligence, and applied statistics. He has over 15+ years of experience with proven success in designing, building, and delivering syndicated and customized data analytics solutions to meet and exceed client needs within multiple industries. He has expertise in advising clients on complex and critical business issues such as understanding consumers, prioritizing market opportunities, and acquiring and retaining customers. Prior to Philip’s current role at Link Labs, he worked in various fields under roles such as Senior Analytics Consultant and Director of Analytics, Applied Statistics, and Product Innovation. Philip has an educational background in political science and mathematics, where he fulfilled his studies at the University of Notre Dame.

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