Are you a logistics company that is in need of a fleet tracking solution to assist with the monitoring and the organization of your fleets? If so, Link Labs has the perfect solution for your business’s needs. At Link Labs, our company uses location technologies to improve the efficiency of logistics operations by providing you with real-time visibility of your assets. We have the ability to cater our asset tracking solutions to fit whatever needs that your business may have. Continue reading to learn more about fleet tracking, and how Link Labs is revolutionizing logistics operations.

What is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking refers to the use of technology for the purpose of monitoring and managing a group of commercial vehicles for business purposes. The main goals of fleet tracking are to optimize the use of vehicles, increase efficiency, and reduce costs associated with fleet management. Fleet tracking solutions typically involve the installation of GPS and cellular networks in each vehicle, which allows fleet managers to track the location, speed, and other important metrics of each vehicle in real time. This real-time data can be accessed by managers or other authorized personnel through a web-based platform.

Fleet tracking systems can provide a range of benefits that will enhance the operations of your business. For example, fleet tracking can help your business optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, improve driver safety, increase overall operational efficiency, and much more. Fleet tracking can also help your business keep track of maintenance schedules and monitor vehicle health, reducing the risk of breakdowns and other costly problems. These systems generally incorporate additional features, such as driver identification, geofencing, and vehicle immobilization, to provide you with greater control and security over your fleet.


Increase Your ROI by Investing in AirFinder Everywhere

  • Loss Prevention. Reduce the amount of loss that occurs during the supply chain process
  • Location Coverage. AirFinder Everywhere uses a combination of GPS, Cellular, and WiFi to determine location everywhere
  • Security Alerts. Know when a delay in shipment has occurred so the problem
    can be addressed immediately.


The Importance of Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking can help businesses boost profits, enhance operational productivity, increase safety, and so much more. Here are a few more reasons why fleet tracking is crucial for enhancing your logistics operations.

Optimizing Routes 

Fleet tracking allows your business to monitor vehicles in real time, enabling your company to optimize routes and avoid traffic congestion or roadblocks.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

By optimizing your routes and reducing idle time, your business can then lower fuel consumption and save money on gas.

Reducing Fuel Theft

Fuel management systems also have the capability to monitor fuel levels and usage in real time. The system provides alerts if fuel levels have dropped unexpectedly, which can help your business identify potential theft and take action to prevent further losses.

Improving Driver Behavior

Fleet tracking can help your business monitor driver behavior, such as speeding or harsh braking, to encourage safer and more responsible driving.

Enhancing Customer Service 

Real-time location data can be shared with customers, allowing them to track the status of their deliveries and receive accurate estimated arrival times.

Improving Asset Management

Fleet tracking can help your business keep track of vehicle maintenance schedules and ensure that they are properly serviced and maintained, which can prolong their lifespan and reduce repair costs.

Remaining Compliant

Meeting compliance regulations is vital to the success of any company, but it can be hard to do on your own. Fleet tracking can assist companies by ensuring compliance with regulations such as hours-of-service rules and vehicle maintenance requirements. 

Fleet tracking is an essential tool for logistics companies looking to improve their operations and stay competitive in today's incredibly fast-paced market.

Fleet Tracking with Link Labs 

Link Labs offers the best IoT devices and network solutions for fleet tracking and management in logistics operations. Our wireless sensors and gateways can be installed in vehicles to collect and transmit data on vehicle location, fuel usage, engine performance, and other metrics. This data can then be analyzed and used to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall fleet efficiency. 

As previously mentioned, Link Labs' solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and businesses, including those that rely on fleets. Our company offers full deployment services along with consulting to help your business develop and implement a fleet tracking solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Link Labs' solutions can help businesses better manage their fleets, optimize operations, and reduce costs, making our solution the most valuable tool for organizations that rely heavily on vehicles to deliver goods or services in a timely manner.

Link Labs Solution

AirFinder Everywhere

Link Labs’ fleet tracking solution, AirFinder Everywhere, is an extension of the AirFinder platform that offers outdoor location tracking. AirFinder Everywhere offers a range of features and capabilities, including location tracking, geofencing, and analytics tools. The platform is designed to be highly scalable and can support large-scale outdoor deployments, making it ideal for applications such as fleet management, supply chain tracking, and logistics operations.

The AirFinder Everywhere system includes a range of hardware devices, including ruggedized GPS trackers, cellular gateways, and other wireless sensors. The platform also includes a range of software tools that allow users to monitor and manage their assets in real time, including web-based dashboards and open APIs.

What makes AirFinder Everywhere the global leader of fleet tracking solutions is its unprecedented location capabilities, massive use case extensibility, lowest costs in all respects, and comprehensive enterprise grade capabilities. Our solution intelligently calculates location with the help of numerous technologies that put the balance of accuracy and battery life at your fingertips.


Link Labs’ SuperTag devices are wireless sensor tags designed to track and monitor the location, temperature, humidity, shock, and other environmental conditions of assets in various industries such as transportation and logistics. Our SuperTag devices operate on a low-power, long-range wireless protocol, which is specifically designed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. This protocol enables our SuperTags to communicate across up to several miles with a low power consumption and high reliability. The SuperTag devices can be attached to various assets, such as packages, vehicles, and medical equipment, and can provide real-time updates on location and condition. With this information, your company can optimize operations, improve asset utilization, and enhance supply chain management.

Supertag types

Invest Today

Why wait to implement the perfect fleet tracking solution into your logistics operation? AirFinder Everywhere saves you time and money while providing a high level of operational efficiency. To learn more, visit our website and book a demo today!Curious how Link Labs fleet tracking technology is boosting profits and productivity of logistics operations

Written by Carson W. Garner

Carson W. Garner is a proactive business development and marketing professional with the goal of turning opportunities into sales. At Link Labs, Carson is heavily involved with project management, sales, customer success, and he hosts Link Labs' podcast Get Linked. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing, Carson brings creativity, vision, organization, and dedication to the Link Labs team.

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