Location technologies are pushing modern businesses to new heights by providing end users with location data. Your manufacturing or logistics company can make educated decisions to revolutionize operational efficiency by having detailed location data. This data opens the door for improved productivity, enabled compliance, enhanced customer service, extended asset life, informed operational decisions, and more. Let’s dive into how location technologies can benefit your business operations today!

Improved Operational Productivity

The cornerstone of every successful commercial business is having the ability to run business operations productively. In the realm of manufacturing and logistics, many moving pieces can be difficult to keep track of, leading to operational inefficiencies. With the help of location technologies, companies no longer have to worry about manually keeping track of each individual asset. Now companies can reduce the amount of time spent searching for key assets, and companies can make adjustments to daily processes based on collected data to further improve productivity. With greater control over the location of your assets and staff, your manufacturing and logistics workflows will dramatically improve while increasing overall efficiency and reducing operational costs.


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Enabled Compliance

Meeting compliance regulations is vital to your company's success; however, it can be difficult to tackle on your own. Investing in location technologies can help your companies easily ensure compliance with regulations and accreditations. Location technology helps with compliance by providing accurate data reporting, consistent processes, a reliable database, and a clean company image. Through location technology, your business will have everything it needs to prove compliance with evolving industry regulations with both location and condition monitoring.

Enhanced Customer Service Extended Asset Life

Location technologies aid companies in providing excellent customer service. These technologies fill in the gaps where telematics systems cannot! In telematics systems, users are provided with the general location of their trucks, however, through location technologies your company will be able to track assets at the pallet level. Now, when an asset becomes lost or stolen, your company will have complete visibility of where the asset is omnipresently. Through implementing a location technology, your company will also be given the ability to share location tracking information with customers, which ultimately will instill a sense of trust between the customer and your company. Your business will then be able to advise customers on what they need based on previous data. Location technologies assist by responding to customer needs with greater speed and reliability and ensuring that your business is one that they can trust!

Extended Asset Life

Using location technologies will help your business avoid delays and cut unnecessary costs caused by replacement and repairs. Location technologies do this by providing your company with a viewpoint into asset use and maintenance. Ultimately, the lifespan of your assets will dramatically increase due to keeping up with regulatory maintenance. Once your company has insight into asset use and maintenance, you can make better operational decisions to increase productivity and efficiency.

Informed Operational Decisions

The more you know about your asset, the better the decisions you can make within your organization. With the knowledge of location, condition, and usage data, your company can make even better decisions about daily processes and company spending. No matter what you are responsible for managing, having advanced technology that allows you to make operational decisions is crucial to the efficiency of your operations.

Why Link Labs?

Link Labs provides unique asset tracking solutions made to fit your company’s size, budget, and needs. Our solution is the global leader in location services technology that provides real-time enterprise asset visibility for manufacturing and logistics operations. We provide a solution that is the most affordable and impactful enterprise asset visibility solution on the market.

Our Airfinder solutions provide an all-in-one software-driven IoT platform that enables the rapid deployment of easy, affordable and impactful asset tracking and monitoring. The AirFinder solution is the most reliable asset tracking solution on the market!

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Written by Carson W. Garner

Carson W. Garner is a proactive business development and marketing professional with the goal of turning opportunities into sales. At Link Labs, Carson is heavily involved with project management, sales, customer success, and he hosts Link Labs' podcast Get Linked. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing, Carson brings creativity, vision, organization, and dedication to the Link Labs team.

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