Do you know what your operational efficiency is? Adopting cost-effective, scalable, and flexible Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based work-in-process (WIP) tracking gives you insight into that information and promotes strong and efficient production tracking. RFID WIP tracking allows your business to know where critical components are in real time from anywhere in the world. Let's look at how production tracking is improved with the implementation of RFID.

How is production tracking improved with the implementation of RFID?What is Radio Frequency Identification?

RFID equipment tracking is a wireless technology that uses a low-power radio frequency to communicate data. In asset tracking, RFID location tracking uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to identify assets like inventory, equipment, and even people. Through various means of RFID asset management, users are provided with four options to choose from:

How is Production Tracking Improved with Active RFID?

RFID technology allows your business to take WIP tracking to another level! Here are four ways production tracking can improve your warehouse's overall decision-making.

Operational Tracking

Active RFID provides your business with the ability to view and report the operational status of your tools and equipment. This ensures critical hardware is running at peak performance while allowing you to stay ahead of potential maintenance issues and avoid unexpected downtime. 

Monitoring Waste

With active RFID, you have the ability to identify scrap and waste built up throughout the day. As you monitor waste, you can view historical data to compare and determine how to reduce waste or reallocate reusable materials.

Data & Analytics

Active RFID provides your company with a wealth of data and analytics. This information can then be used to identify production bottlenecks and to improve the overall decision-making of the warehouse. Link Labs AirFinder provides custom reporting because we know your needs are different from others. We want to provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about tools and equipment.

Loss Prevention

The misplacement of assets throughout WIP has been a leading issue in today's society. Active RFID technology can keep track of all your tools and equipment so you know where it is when you need it. 

How Can Link Labs Help?

At Link Labs, we strive to assist all types of industries with their IoT needs. This statement is true for active RFID tracking systems as well. Book a demo today if you would like to learn more about how Link Labs optimize your production process!

 Learn more about the background behind Link Labs IoT technology and how the technology mitigates security risks of critical medical devices.

Written by Mark Wilhelm

Mark Wilhelm is a Senior Business Development Manager at Link Labs with 20+ years of experience in Industrial IoT markets. He specializes in helping manufacturers and producers identify ways to become more efficient through the use of automated solutions like Link Lab's RTLS (Real Time Location System). Mark stands by the mantra that "identifying and measuring your process workflows will enable any company to achieve greater levels of productivity and output."

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Improving Production with RFID

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