Technology is all about pushing boundaries and daring to improve! At Link Labs, we are never satisfied with the status quo; instead, we are constantly chasing after the next big thing in asset tracking and connectivity to provide greater value to our customers. The future of Link Labs technology is full of new and exciting technological innovations that will continue to revolutionize manufacturing and logistics operations completely. Continue reading to learn more about what’s in store for the future of Link Labs technology!


Our diverse spectrum of partners work with us to build and sell integrated, turnkey products and services for our customers and theirs. With this diverse network, we deliver specialized expertise that aligns solutions and services with business priorities. Through the help of our partnerships, Link Labs can provide solutions that best suit the individual needs of your company's manufacturing or logistics operations. We understand that not all asset tracking solutions fit every use case; therefore, we embrace new partnerships to help us expand and improve our product offerings. What sets Link Labs' partnerships apart? Our partnerships are a leading cause in helping our customers improve operational efficiency, increase revenue growth, reduce operational risk, and increase customer satisfaction.

Along with our partners, we can live by three main commitments that we promise to all of our customers.


  • We bring technical resources that help answer any questions and provide the simplest solutions.
  • We never cut out partners or undercut your company's credibility. 
  • We work carefully and thoroughly to support your company.
  • We never go around you; instead, we work with you to help accelerate your processes by providing timely and technical solutions while you are in the driver’s seat the whole time.


  • We are always involved with the first couple of product installations.
  • We train your technicians on installation by providing remote support and completion certifications.


  • We are constantly available to be of assistance with any needs your company may have
  • We train your team for tier 1 and tier 2 support
  • We provide tier 3 and tier 4 support as well

Together, we can make a difference in delivering top-notch solutions to enhance customer experience.


Join the AirFinder Difference!

  • Innovation. Organizations can be freed up to innovate and bring more impactful products and services to market.
  • Profitability. Increased profitability provides new opportunities to innovate and improve valuation.
  • Digital Transformation. Discover competitive advantages, new revenue opportunities, improved customer relationships, and increased efficiency.


Integrated Solutions

Link Labs is constantly finding ways to bring different technologies together to form single solutions that suit new use cases and business needs. Our goal through integrating solutions is to provide greater value to existing manufacturing and logistics customers and use cases by making it possible to address a wide range of challenges under a single system. We provide our customers with the simplest and unique asset tracking solution on the market.

At Link Labs, we are introducing new technology that provides greater value and accuracy for manufacturing and logistics operations. Our new time-based UWB technology is set to revolutionize manufacturing and logistics operations by providing enhanced scalability through XLE® integration, increased accuracy for up to 30 centimeters, improved battery life of up to 5-7 years, and much more! 

Why is Link Labs’ ultra-wideband solution greater than its competitors? Our solution leverages an ultra-low power link to coordinate UWB radios, providing lower power consumption, higher accuracy, and more flexibility. Our UWB solution can integrate with other technologies - such as our patented Xtreme Low Energy® technology. Therefore, companies have the option to implement the XLE® tags where appropriate and the UWB tags in the more advanced locations. A few key differences between UWB and XLE® are: UWB has almost 10x the bandwidth of XLE®, which increases the accuracy; UWB requires a separate radio chip & antenna, which leads to a higher price; and UWB is roughly 5-10x faster and has a higher capacity.

If you are interested in learning more about our new ultra wideband technology, feel free to reach out today!

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An asset tracking solution is never “one size fits all.” We work alongside our customers as trusted journey partners eagerly developing what they need, when they need it. We settle for no less than affordable scalability. If you want to learn more about partnering with Link Labs or our new innovative technological solutions, visit our website and book a demo today!

The Future of Link Labs Technology

Jennifer Halstead

Written by Jennifer Halstead

Jennifer Halstead, MBA, CPA brings more than 20 years financial industry experience to Link Labs. She began her career in finance within the pharmaceutical industry and has continued in both public accounting and private companies. She passed the CPA exam with the 3rd highest score in the state and completed her MBA with an accounting concentration (summa cum laude). Jennifer has worked with several software companies and has led multiple venture financing, merger and acquisitions deals. She has helped companies expand internationally and has managed the finance department of a startup to 33 consecutive quarters of growth prior to acquisition. After the acquisition, she served as the Controller of Dell Software Group’s Data Protection Division where she managed a portfolio of multiple hardware and software products to scale and achieve over triple-digit growth worldwide in 18 months. Jennifer brings a depth of finance experience to the Link Labs team.

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