Keeping track of business assets is an essential part of maintaining workplace operations. As every industry relies on the use of people, tools, equipment, and other important assets for their day-to-day operations, asset tracking and monitoring has become a vital part of daily processes. By guaranteeing that assets are properly maintained and getting to where they need to be, companies can ensure less downtime. In particular, industries that have several assets moving from one location to another can benefit from an outdoor tracking solution.  Such industries include logistics, rental services, and healthcare. Let’s take a deeper look at how these industries can benefit from a real-time tracking solution for indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between.


Probably the most obvious industry that needs an outdoor asset tracking solution is the logistics industry. As supply chains have become more intricate, the need for better visibility in logistics has increased. With shipments being sent via road, rail, ocean, or air it is easy for shipments to become misplaced, stolen, or broken. The ability to see where shipments are in real-time provides value by ensuring that items arrive where they need to be safely, and on time. This not only ensures the company peace of mind, but customers as well. In logistics, the ability to achieve end-to-end asset tracking visibility can be the ultimate IoT solution for supply chain problems.

Rental Services

Rental services provide customers with a specific asset for a designated period of time, with the expectation that the user returns it on a set date.  Some examples include carpet cleaners, rental cars, and other equipment. However, this can be a tricky situation especially if companies are loaning out several assets to several different companies at one time. It can be easy for both the company or the customer to lose track of rental time. Customers may forget to return the item and rental companies may overlook if an item was ever returned. An outdoor tracking solution can benefit rental companies by being able to track where their assets are currently, as well as monitor equipment usage to help forecast any maintenance needs.  


The healthcare sector has many critical assets that help save lives, and with that comes a greater need to know where life-saving equipment is at all times. Such equipment includes infusion pumps, heart monitors, and even wheelchairs.  Issues arise when hospitals lend equipment for out-patient care, or when equipment is transferred from facility to facility.  The cost of misplaced healthcare equipment can add-up quickly, resulting in unexpected hospital expenses. The ability to visualize where healthcare assets are at all times ensures providers can perform their essential duties.

In Summary

These are only some of the industries that benefit from outdoor asset tracking and monitoring. Through being able to visualize asset location in real time, companies can remain productive and spend less time searching for lost equipment. If you’d like more information on how Link Labs can help implement an outdoor tracking solution in your workplace, book a demo today.
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