At Link Labs, we stress the importance of implementing an asset tracking solution into your business to boost the overall efficiency of your manufacturing or logistics operations. An asset tracking system provides your business with the ability to keep tabs on all of your valuable assets as they move from location to location and throughout the supply chain. Your company can then use this crucial data to become more efficient by reducing inventory loss and theft, keeping track of important records, ensuring proper equipment maintenance, and much more. 

We know that an effective asset tracking solution will improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of your company. However, the question remains - what is a complete end-to-end asset tracking solution, and why does it matter? Continue reading to learn more about why having a complete end-to-end asset tracking solution matters and how Link Labs' solution can benefit your manufacturing and logistics operations!

What is an End-to-End Solution?

In the asset tracking world, a complete end-to-end solution refers to an all-in-one software-driven IoT platform that enables the rapid deployment of easy, affordable, and impactful asset tracking no matter where you are. A complete end-to-end solution will provide your company with all of the hardware and software needed to properly locate your assets simply, securely, and affordably. When an asset tracking solution is not a complete end-to-end solution, your company will not be provided with the full package that includes all the necessary benefits of a great solution. A complete end-to-end solution provides the following:


With an end-to-end solution, your company will have a combined solution that shows the location of your assets and stores crucial data. When your company has a solution that has a system that tracks the location of your assets and stores crucial data, there is less of a security risk. 


Having a solution that is simple to use can boost the overall efficiency of your company as a whole. An end-to-end solution makes asset tracking simple by using only one system instead of combining multiple. An all-in-one solution is easy to set up, making your data easily accessible.


An end-to-end asset tracking solution is much more affordable when your company has one system that can do it all rather than paying more for separate systems. 

Manufacturing and logistics companies face many pressures in their daily operations as they are expected to have things finished or delivered on time. In this line of business, your company can never be entirely sure of when a bottleneck could arise throughout the workday. Through an end-to-end asset tracking solution, your company will be given the ability to prevent bottlenecks from happening in the first place by providing complete visibility of your assets through setting geographical locations, zones, historical locations, and current locations that utilize customized alerting, reports, and analytics to meet your specific needs. By setting geofences, trigger alerts will tell you when the tag is leaving a zone, moving into a zone, or moving between zones. These alerts will allow your company to plan for any bottlenecks or inefficiencies during production or throughout the supply chain. 


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A Complete End-to-End Asset Tracking Solution

Link Labs provides the industry’s most complete, end-to-end enterprise IoT platform for tagging, locating, and monitoring equipment, supplies, and assets on the market. At Link Labs, we hold over 25 patents for our innovative solutions, and we deploy hundreds of thousands of IoT devices and manage billions of IoT events each month. We have created the most affordable, easy-to-use, effective, and unrivaled real-time industrial IoT asset tracking solution to assist manufacturing and logistics companies with daily operations. Our two innovative solutions AirFinder OnSite and AirFinder Everywhere, are cutting-edge, next-generation RTLS technology. 

AirFinder OnSite is an enterprise-grade asset visibility solution with a flexible architecture that can be adjusted according to your unique challenges. Airfinder Onsite has the capability to track all of your indoor assets in a manufacturing plant with fine-tuned up to meter level accuracy for campus-based environments. A few unique benefits of AirFinder OnSite are:

  • Patented phase-ranging or proximity-based technology for improved accuracy 
  • 400% improvement in battery life among competitors
  • Savings of up to 90% compared to other providers
  • Customized reporting to fit the needs of your company
  • Full analytics and reporting on IoT platform
  • Easy integration to any other platform

AirFinder Everywhere is an IoT asset tracking system with cloud-based software designed for dynamic and movable assets in hybrid environments. Airfinder Everywhere has the capability to track all of your assets indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between.

  • Seamless outdoor to indoor tracking 
  • Extended battery life of 3-7 years
  • Rechargeable battery options
  • Outdoor accuracy as close as 10 meters
  • Full analytics and reporting on IoT platform
  • Easy integration to any other platform

Manufacturing Use Cases & Success Stories

Work in Process Tracking

At Link Labs, we have helped numerous manufacturing companies by implementing our solution into their workflow to help them identify and anticipate constraints, alert management of delays, and show workers in real-time how they are performing against their goals for the time in a station.

Waste Reduction

Ensuring that the right container of scrap product from the exact production exit point goes to a designated area for value recording is crucial for manufacturing operations. At Link Labs, our solution has helped multiple manufacturing companies track waste on the production floor and help companies properly dispose of it.

Tool Tracking

Our solution has helped manufacturing companies keep production moving properly by finding lost tools and ensuring that all instruments are properly calibrated and charged.

Logistics Use Cases & Success Stories

Returnable Plastic Containers, Pallets, and Shipping Racks

In a specific use case, our solution prevented plastic containers from being improperly disposed of by setting geo zones around recycling centers. Not only did we help this company by preventing plastic containers from being improperly disposed of, but also our solution helped provide reports that tracked the location and status of the company's returnable pallets and shipping racks.

Cold Chain Monitoring & Compliance 

Our solution has helped countless logistics companies ensure that medical and food safety requirements are met throughout the supply chain. Our solution also provides compliance data post-delivery or real-time metrics with the ability to correct exceptions in real-time.

Trailer Tracking

AirFinder has helped logistics companies discover the real-time location of trailers and deliveries which helped improve customer service, find inventory and trailers over the road for planning, and completing projects on time.

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Why is it important to have an end-to-end asset tracking system

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