Remote access has proven to be the future for businesses and consumers around the globe. Remote access grants authorized personnel the ability to access computers or networks that are not in their physical presence. With remote access in asset tracking, businesses can track their assets in real-time from any location. Our AirFinder technology provides remote real-time access for tracking tools, equipment, work in process, asset management, process efficiencies, compliance, loss prevention, and much more! Remote access technology is essential because it prevents millions of lost dollars and assets that can equate over time within your company. If you are wondering whether or not remote access would aid in the growth of your business, here are a few reasons why integrating remote access for assets is essential!

How does Link Labs technology assist your company's remote access needs?

Asset Tracking Efficiencies

Remote asset tracking provides numerous benefits to a company's employees; however, it was specifically developed to benefit the company as a whole. Having remote access for tracking assets allows businesses to access a live view of their assets anytime and anywhere. The addition of remote access will assist your business with a few different key areas:

  • Saving money
  • Increasing revenue
  • Enhancing security
  • Providing safety
  • Improving organization

With the rise of a remote society, companies must begin integrating plans for the future. You are off to a great start in learning more about the benefits of remote access. However, now it is time to implement the plan and reap the benefits that come with it. Let's look at the top three most important benefits of adding remote asset tracking to your company!

Increasing Revenue

The overall goal of any company should be to take measures to increase revenue. There are numerous paths a company can take to complete this goal; however, adding remote access is a highly efficient route. As previously stated, remote access allows your company to monitor loss prevention, which can increase revenue by millions of dollars. Not only does it monitor loss prevention, but it provides companies with the leeway to create additional service offerings. The addition of remote access also lowers labor costs, contributing to the overall increase of revenue within a company and leading to the business's success.

Enhancing Security

Security is another aspect that is enhanced by implementing remote access. A prevalent issue regarding security is asset theft. Theft is a leading cause of the decline of businesses and is primarily a factor in the loss of assets. With remote access, you will have the ability to monitor and even prevent theft. Access to the real-time location of equipment or other essential materials will deter employees from stealing or show you where stolen assets ended up. With this enhancement of security, businesses will have peace of mind to help them thrive.

Increasing Organization

One of the most crucial aspects of being successful is being organized. Remote asset tracking is the best way to stay organized while assets are en route. This RTLS solution provides complete visibility of your supply chain, giving you all the information you need, even when the assets are across the country from you. Business leaders can simply view where the assets are at any time through the use of any type of location technology. Ultimately, this will help the leaders be organized in areas such as:

  • Organizing the proper routes for the journey
  • Providing safety and security throughout the journey
  • Viewing where the assets are located
  • Knowing when the assets are projected to arrive at the destination

How Can Link Labs Help?

At Link Labs, we strive to assist all types of industries with their IoT needs. This statement is true for remote access to assets as well. Book a demo today if you would like to learn more about how Link Labs can benefit your remote access needs.

Written by Bob Chaisson

Bob Chaisson is a Senior Business Development Manager at Link Labs with 20+ years of experience in business development, sales, and marketing. Bob worked with some of the earliest AirFinder installations for the SaaS IoT AirFinder asset tracking solution in the manufacturing, utilities, and construction markets. He specializes in helping organizations in the logistics and government markets optimize workflows and address supply chain issues through the use of Link Lab’s AirFinder RTLS solution.

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