Our previous blogs have stressed the importance of implementing an asset tracking solution into your business. Asset tracking solutions help manufacturing companies improve work in process, inventory management, loss, and much more. The benefits of implementing an asset tracking system outweigh the stress of manually managing assets. 

One area that is frequently overlooked is how important asset tracking is for industrial workers. Asset tracking has proven that it can save workers an immense amount of time and frustration. Instead of consistently finding your team wasting time looking for lost items and broken equipment becoming a bottleneck, inventory management software can reduce wasted time. Let’s take a look at eight reasons why implementing an asset tracking system amplifies the value of your employees!

Boosting Productivity

The main goal of implementing an asset tracking system into your manufacturing company is to boost the overall productivity of your workers. When you boost productivity, you can also increase your profits. Once your company has an asset tracking system in place, your workers will quickly reap the benefits of having an organized asset tracking system by optimizing production processes and providing real-time visibility into the status of assets. This valuable information allows employees to spend their time being productive instead of wasting time searching for the tools they need to complete their job.

Reducing Maintenance

An overload in maintenance for assets like equipment and machinery hinders the daily work balance for industrial workers by creating more problems and disruptions in the production line. Through managing maintenance with asset tracking, your business will help its workers by reducing emergency maintenance problems. Asset tracking systems can store data about equipment, including maintenance history so you can schedule equipment maintenance before any equipment breaks down. Getting ahead of maintenance will reduce employee downtime since they won’t have to wait around every day for a broken machine to get fixed.


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Preventing Loss

How much time each week do your employees spend looking for lost tools or missing inventory they need to complete the job? Wasting time slows down overall production times. Asset tracking can reduce loss so instead of workers wasting time searching for misplaced and lost assets, an asset tracking system can prevent the loss from happening in the first place. Preventing loss can also assist with decreasing repurchasing costs for the company as a whole. Whether it is the hoarding of assets, the misplacement of assets, or the theft of assets, the implementation of an asset tracking system can benefit workers by reducing wasted time spent searching.

Reducing Manual Labor

With an asset tracking system, many aspects of the manufacturing process such as inventory counts, inventory maintenance, and inventory reporting will become automatic. With this increase in automation, the manual labor of employees will reduce dramatically. Workers will then be able to focus on other important tasks throughout the day that require manual labor.

Keeping Track of Documentation

Purchasing a new piece of machinery or equipment usually comes with documentation. Unfortunately, it can be very easy for workers to accidentally misplace the paperwork. With asset tracking, workers have the ability to upload information directly to an asset’s profile in the software. Having this feature makes it easy for your workers to access files anytime and from anywhere.

Speeding Up Inventory Counts

Every manufacturing plant conducts inventory counts. Generally, these inventory counts are extremely meticulous. Asset tracking helps your workers prepare inventory counts ahead of time by providing all the data they need to get started. Once an asset tracking system is in place, workers can begin tracking assets with this software throughout the entire year. Ultimately, this will help workers always remain prepared and reduce the amount of built-up problems when inventory counts come around.

Creating Customized Reports

An asset tracking software, such as Link Labs’ AirFinder, includes customizable reporting features. Most industrial workers prefer having personal customization because it allows them to cater the reporting to their unique needs. Not every manufacturer needs the same data to make decisions, so being able to customize your report to only what you need to see lets you make quick decisions based on all the details you need without the unimportant information getting in the way. Workers will be able to easily generate reports on whatever they need from things such as the utilization of assets to the asset’s location.

Saving Time

The right asset tracking system will save your workers a tremendous amount of time. Through asset tracking, the amount of time your employees wait for broken or lost equipment decreases. In return, this optimizes the time workers spend on doing the work that actually matters. As previously mentioned, asset tracking systems save workers time by reducing maintenance, managing inventory counts, keeping track of documentation, prevention theft and loss, and much more. An asset tracking system is the best solution to boost time management within your organization.

Why Choose AirFinder OnSite? 

AirFinder OnSite is the best inventory asset tracking system to help increase the overall efficiency of your workers. At Link Labs, we have pioneered the AirFinder OnSite solution to easily and affordably track your company's indoor assets with fine-tuned up-to-meter-level accuracy for campus-based environments. AirFinder ​​OnSite improves accuracy as the tag determines location using patented phase-ranging or proximity-based technology at a 90% savings compared to other providers. There is no doubt that AirFinder OnSite is the best solution to help companies amplify the value of their workers by saving time and boosting productivity! For more information on how you can take advantage of asset tracking, visit our website and book a demo today.

How to boost employee productivity through asset tracking software

Written by Carson W. Garner

Carson W. Garner is a proactive business development and marketing professional with the goal of turning opportunities into sales. At Link Labs, Carson is heavily involved with project management, sales, customer success, and he hosts Link Labs' podcast Get Linked. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing, Carson brings creativity, vision, organization, and dedication to the Link Labs team.

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