How has your company integrated Industrial IoT (IIoT) into its processes? Thousands of companies and countless industries have taken steps to incorporate IIoT into their daily operations to stay ahead of the competition as we step into the fourth industrial revolution. With IIoT, companies can begin to leverage benefits such as improved efficiency, decreased downtime, and improved safety. Let’s take a deeper look into Industrial IoT, or IIoT.

What is IIoT?

Industrial Internet of Things can be defined as a network of interconnected computing devices embedded in physical objects for the purpose of gathering and exchanging data, which is then applied in a business context to create operational savings and efficiencies. 

IIoT is a practical way to ensure process efficiency, increased productivity, and provide a safer work environment. This is done through asset tracking abilities provided by industrial sensors. Whether used to monitor machines, employees, or products, IIoT can provide many avenues to improve the way a company functions.


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3 Ways IIoT Can Benefit a Company

Industrial IoT has impacted countless industries. Through these three areas of improvement, one can see how IIoT can benefit their company.

Improve Efficiency

IIoT can provide process optimization through industrial sensors. Sensors can help eliminate unnecessary usage of machinery. By monitoring machinery used in a company, times of inactivity can be tracked. For example, if a construction company with heavy equipment or machinery finds that most of their machines idle for hours a day, they can implement sensors in each machine to monitor when it is in motion.

Decrease Downtime

Downtime in the manufacturing industry can be reduced with the help of IIoT. With the interconnectivity of IIoT, data can be quickly relayed, notifying a company of necessary maintenance needed for a certain machine. Instead of waiting for each piece of equipment to become inoperable, industrial sensors can alert the company of preventative maintenance needed. By increasing the uptime within a manufacturing company, production is improved.

Enhance Safety

IIoT can also help to keep employees and products safe throughout manufacturing processes. Preventative maintenance can prevent machinery from becoming dangerous and harming employees, due to lack of service. This will help reduce injuries ensued on the job.

Certain IIoT tags can monitor individual employees to ensure they are within designated zones. Badges can be worn by employees to show where they are located and how long they were in a designated location through historical tracking. This information can be used to ensure that employees remain in areas they are assigned to and understand the associated risks with hazardous environments.

Can Your Industry Benefit from Industrial IoT?

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