For some people, election season is the busiest time of the year. All the preparation leading up to election day, election day itself, and the days that follow all have many moving parts. It’s difficult to make sure everything is operating the way it should. Many county election officials do their best to prepare for the day itself ahead of time, but often once the day arrives, those plans often go out the window and you find yourself spending your day putting out fires. Over the past few years, after all the public scrutiny surrounding elections, county election officials have been looking for a way to gain better control over election activities. One way that many counties have found success is through election equipment tracking


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What Does a Typical Election Season Look Like?

Every county election official wants the election process to be as smooth as possible. Part of ensuring that is spending the time leading up to the election day preparing. After all, the sheer scale of coordinating a democratic process involving millions of voters is a daunting task in itself. From overseeing voter registration to managing polling places and ensuring the integrity of the voting process, their responsibilities are vast and multifaceted. They work diligently during this time to make sure everything is ready for a safe and secure election. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes the problems start at the beginning of the election day. You can have everything ready to go, but forget a piece of voting equipment like the EPB. If you forget something important and you don’t realize until the doors are about to open, you don’t have the option to shut down until things get worked out. You have to open up and let polling begin. Lacking the equipment you need makes it difficult to operate smoothly. Depending on what you forgot, you may be making the volunteers’ jobs harder. Everything will take longer and the public’s stress levels will increase. Election officials act as the front line in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process, constantly vigilant for any signs of irregularities or attempts at voter suppression. The stakes are high, and the public's trust in the electoral process hinges on their ability to manage these challenges with competence and transparency.

What Changes After Using Equipment Tracking Software?

Increased Security

When election officials start tracking their equipment, they increase the security of their role in the election process. With heightened visibility of equipment, officials can ensure each device is going to the right place. With an equipment tracking system, authorities can ensure that every piece of equipment is accounted for at all times. This means that from the moment it leaves the storage facility to its arrival at a polling station, its whereabouts are meticulously monitored. This level of scrutiny acts as a powerful deterrent against any potential tampering, theft, or unauthorized access. In the event of any irregularities or discrepancies, authorities can swiftly identify and rectify the situation, preventing any compromise to the integrity of the election. It also aids in the early detection of any anomalies, allowing for rapid response and mitigation. Ultimately, by meticulously tracking the location of election equipment, authorities fortify the overall security of the electoral process, safeguarding its integrity and ensuring that the voice of the electorate is heard without compromise.

Reduced Legal Fees

When officials are tracking the location of election equipment, they are able to ensure that all equipment is being kept secure. In recent years, election integrity has been highly questioned leading to civil cases facing counties. Without proof of where the equipment has been, these counties ended up paying high amounts in legal fees to prove their integrity. Now, through the use of an equipment tracker, counties can track the location of equipment during the election cycle. If there is any question as to whether or not there was tampering with equipment or ballots, they have proof to show their own compliance. This leads to civil cases being dropped sooner, reducing the money being spent on legal proceedings.

Public Confidence

When counties can prove that they acted reliably during the election, the public gains more trust in the election process. It provides a level of transparency and accountability that is fundamental to a healthy democracy. When citizens know that every piece of equipment from voting machines to ballot boxes is being meticulously monitored, it instills confidence in the integrity of the electoral system. This transparency demonstrates a commitment to open and fair elections, showing that authorities are taking every precaution to ensure that the process is conducted with the utmost accuracy and security. The ability to track equipment movements in real time offers a tangible way to demonstrate the diligence and competence of election officials. It provides concrete evidence that every precaution is being taken to safeguard the equipment and, by extension, the integrity of the election. This level of transparency leaves no room for doubt or speculation, giving the public a clear and unambiguous view of the measures in place to protect the democratic process. The comprehensive audit trail provided by equipment tracking is another key factor in building trust. It means that at any given moment, authorities can account for the whereabouts of every piece of equipment. This level of accountability minimizes the possibility of equipment being inadvertently misplaced or overlooked, ensuring that all necessary components are available when needed.

Reduce Loss

Using equipment tracking devices to help track election equipment virtually eliminates the risk of equipment going missing or being misplaced. By ensuring that every item is meticulously monitored, authorities can swiftly identify any discrepancies and take immediate action to recover or replace the missing equipment. This proactive approach is a significant deterrent against theft or even accidental misplacement, as the knowledge that equipment movements are being closely tracked serves as a powerful disincentive for any potential wrongdoers. Equipment tracking systems allow for precise inventory management. Election officials can maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of the current location of all equipment. This prevents that equipment from being inadvertently left behind or overlooked. In cases of emergency or unforeseen events, an equipment tracker proves invaluable in rapid response efforts. If, for instance, a piece of equipment encounters a malfunction or a delay in transit, authorities can promptly deploy backup systems to prevent any disruptions to the electoral process. This agile response capability serves as an additional layer of protection against potential losses, ensuring that the election proceeds smoothly regardless of unforeseen circumstances. 

Planning for Future Elections

Tracking election equipment provides a wealth of data regarding the usage patterns and condition of each piece of equipment. By analyzing this information, election officials can make informed decisions about resource allocation, budgeting, and equipment upgrades. They can identify which equipment is in high demand and allocate resources accordingly, ensuring that polling stations have the necessary tools for a seamless voting process. Additionally, tracking allows the officials to assess the maintenance history of the equipment. This historical data aids in establishing regular maintenance schedules, preventing any potential malfunctions that could impede the electoral process. By maintaining detailed records of equipment movements and usage, officials can conduct thorough post-election evaluations. These evaluations provide critical insights into which equipment performed exceptionally well and which may require upgrades or replacements for the next election cycle. Budgeting for future elections is also greatly enhanced through the tracking of equipment. By having a clear understanding of the condition and usage patterns of the existing equipment, officials can make informed budgetary allocations. They can prioritize investments in equipment that require upgrades or replacements, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently. The data gathered from equipment tracking aids in long-term strategic planning. It enables officials to forecast the needs for future elections, allowing for proactive decision-making about resource allocation and equipment procurement.

Which Equipment Tracking Solution Should You Use?

If you’re making an effort to reduce stress during election season, you’ll want to choose a solution that provides you with the information you need to reduce stress. The most important feature you need is the ability to track all the equipment you use and to record that data in a place that’s easily accessible. You can achieve this with our AirFinder solution. It easily tracks the location of every piece of election equipment you have. It puts it into an easily accessible report so you can provide proof of a secure election. 

Will You Take Action To Reduce Stress During the Election Season?

The demands of election preparations are undeniably challenging, with countless moving parts and tight schedules. However, the implementation of an election equipment tracking system has proven to be a transformative solution, offering a beacon of organization in the midst of chaos. By providing real-time visibility, enhancing security, and ensuring accountability, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way elections are conducted. With reduced stress levels, minimized risks, and improved efficiency, election officials can focus their energies on ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process and reinstate the public’s trust in the voting process. To learn how you can utilize our equipment tracking solution to gain more control during elections, book a demo with our team.

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