Partnerships don’t have to be difficult. That’s why we’ve provided these eight essential resources to help you understand partnerships and get started on building an IoT partnership of your own. We provide detailed information across a variety of readable and visually appealing formats, so you can choose what’s best for you and find the information you need to decide if an IoT partnership – or even a Link Labs IoT partnership – is right for you.


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Blog – The Journey to Partnering With an IoT Technology Company

Proper partnerships aren’t a one and done deal. Rather, they’re a journey that you undertake with your partner, ensuring that your relationship is mutually beneficial and consistently supportive. Partnering with an IoT technology company is no different; it’s not just about putting a name on your website, it’s about building a relationship that lasts and maintaining goal alignment at every venture. We provide an image of what that journey looks like in our blog, “The Journey to Partnering With an IoT Technology Company.”

In this blog, we start by breaking down the importance of obtaining a quality IoT technology partnership and why just any partnership won’t do. We dive into the five broad categories of steps that you will need to undertake while seeking out, implementing, and maintaining your ideal partnership, from the first meeting to your first deal and everywhere beyond. Finally, we discuss the merits of Link Labs as an IoT technology partner to help you decide if we’re the right partner for your business’s needs.

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Blog – Which IoT Partner is The Best?

The best IoT partner is going to look different for every business depending on your partnership goals and company scope. What works for one company might not work for another. You need to know what type of partnership you’re looking for before you start looking, to help you narrow down your options. Once you do, the next step is to ensure that the partnerships you're considering will have the benefits and support that you need to ensure its success. In our blog, “Which IoT Partner is The Best? We help you develop the skills you need to pull back the curtain on partnership quality.

The article introduces a wide range of partnership types, from resellers to consultants to managed service providers and beyond. We go into depth on the advantages and expectations of each so you can identify which one aligns with your goals. We then break down the qualities you should look for to ensure that a partner is going to bring the value you need not just in terms of a product, but in terms of their program. Further, we take a look at how Link Labs strives to provide our own quality programs and anticipate the needs of our partners.

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Infographic – Steps to Success: The Journey to a Link Labs Partnership 

Link Labs is looking for partnerships with companies like yours, and we want to make sure we’re supporting you at every step of the way. After all, a partnership is only as good as the relationship it allows you to build. That’s why we’ve taken the time to construct a success-oriented partnership program that ensures mutual benefit and an efficient way to boost your company’s revenue. We outline the journey that you join us for in our “Steps to Success: The Journey to a Link Labs Partnership” infographic.

This informative graphic takes you step-by-step through our partnership process, from our initial discovery call all the way to your first deal and beyond. It highlights the sales and marketing support you’ll receive as you pursue a partnership, as well as the training we provide to help you learn how to talk about Link Labs and what we do. The process is a simple six steps that can help you unlock new revenue streams and increased customer satisfaction within months or even weeks!

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White Paper – Your Complete Guide to Partnering with Link Labs

Link Labs offers not just the monetary value of partnering with an IoT technology provider, but also a robust partnership program that focuses on getting you the knowledge, materials, training, and support you need to see the best possible returns. We don’t believe in just signing papers and calling it a day; we believe in being there to provide for your needs in order to help you sell our product and turn a profit. Furthermore, we emphasize process efficiency in getting you signed on. As “Your Complete Guide to Partnering with Link Labs” illustrates, you can be an official partner in mere months or even weeks!

This informative white paper delves into what it means to be a Link Labs partner and what you can expect from our partnership program. We provide an overview of our products and offerings before diving into the benefits of our partnership program, from increased revenue to shared expertise. We then detail the six steps to becoming an official Link Labs partner, so you know exactly what to expect when your journey begins.

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Brief – Reseller Partnership Brief

A reseller partnership is one in which one partner sells and distributes a product created by another company. They may also have their own products for sale, but the other company’s products and solutions are added to their catalog. For the reseller, this means easy access to a new revenue stream. There’s no need to develop a new product; instead, you can simply begin selling a new one immediately. For the company who owns and develops the product, they gain a new audience and new potential customers. We demonstrate both in “How to Benefit from a Reseller Partnership.”

This partnership brief explores the ins and outs of a reseller partnership. We discuss the benefits to both the company doing the reselling and the company whose products are being sold, going as far as to illustrate how the relationship can maintain mutual supportiveness. We then dive into how companies can benefit from reselling Link Labs products, as well as the steps it takes to partner with us. You can also look at what one of our existing reseller partnerships looks like.

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Brief – Consultant Partnership Brief

A consultant partnership is one in which a business consulting organization agrees to recommend a company’s products or services to clients when appropriate. This helps consultants meet their clients’ needs more effectively and can also result in a bigger turn of profit. For the company being recommended, it helps them reach customers they might not otherwise have access to. This form of partnership is examined in “How to Benefit from a Consultant Partnership.”

Throughout this brief, we illustrate the importance and benefits of consultants establishing partnerships with solutions providers. We further discuss how Link Labs partners with business and technology consultants to provide our asset tracking solution, as well the benefits of our partnership program and the steps it takes to begin.

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Case Study – Making a Profit by Reselling IoT Solutions

Reselling IoT solutions is a great way for your company to bring in additional revenue. If you don’t have a solution of your own that can account for your customers’ needs, they’re going to go elsewhere to find it, and you won’t be able to sell to them. But at the same time it takes years of trial, error, and advancements to create a workable IoT solution that truly provides unique value to customers. It costs a lot of money, too. Luckily, as we detail in our “Making a Profit by Reselling IoT Solutions” case study, there’s another solution in choosing to resell another company’s product.

In this enlightening case study, we provide an example of a company that is trying to fill a gap in their offerings without needing to spend extensive amounts of time or money to develop a product. We then illustrate how Link Labs provides the solution that the company needs through our partnership program, and how we provide additional support beyond just our solution. 

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Ebook – The Journey to Partnering With an IoT Company

Taking the path to a partnership can seem daunting at first. After all, many partnerships require many months or even over a year of negotiation, back-and-forth, and paper-signing before it even begins. And that’s not to mention how long it takes for you to see benefits once the partnership has commenced. Luckily, that’s not the only way. In “The Journey to Partnering With an IoT Company,” we outline how Link Labs has come up with a better, faster partnership model that we’re using today.

The ebook dives into a number of topics. We start by outlining the different types of partnerships, and how both the benefits and the processes might be different depending on which one you choose. We then take the time to outline our partnership program, emphasizing how it’s designed to provide benefit to both parties as soon as possible, as well as what you can do to make it go even faster. After that, we wrap up by talking about the unique benefits that Link Labs brings to the table through our partnership program.

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Interested in Partnering with Link Labs?

If the partnership program and benefits outlined in these resources sounds appealing to you, it might be time to consider a Link Labs partnership of our own. We work with you to identify your needs and to build a partnership that can help both parties achieve our goals. It all begins with a simple discovery call, so book a demo with our team today to take your first step on the journey.



Written by Makenna Dudley

Makenna Dudley is a Marketing Associate for Link Labs, with practical experience in written communications, media writing, and additional forms of content creation. She has a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication.

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