Industrial IoT Solutions

Quickly and securely deploy long-range wireless for industrial M2M applications.



The most progressive manufacturers have started to integrate wireless solutions for industrial sensing and control systems. By switching from homegrown, wired M2M systems to wireless, these companies are able to anticipate failures, monitor sensors, cut costs, improve uptime, and more. From power plants, to oil refineries, to all types of manufacturing facilities, wireless industrial control systems (ICS) are allowing plants to operate safer and more efficiently than ever before.

Whether you’re implementing an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system for a new facility or you’re interested in retrofitting a current system with wireless, the considerations are the same. You need to analyze wireless technologies like WiFi, cellular, or LPWAN protocols for tradeoffs like cost, security, range, performance, and battery life.

With Symphony Link from Link Labs, a wireless network can be deployed to cover the entire facility from one gateway. That decreases the cost and security risk associated with WiFi or cellular. In addition, the battery life will last years rather than days.

If you’re interested in an end-to-end industrial wireless system designed specifically for the industrial market, let’s talk.

Industrial IoT Use Cases

Symphony Link is designed specifically for low power, wide-area industrial applications. Here are a few ways Symphony Link is currently being used in the industrial M2M world.


Industrial Sensing & Control

A manufacturer needs air pressure sensors for a conveyer belt system. Battery-powered sensors can collect and wirelessly transmit data back to a central source if a malfunction has occurred or is likely to occur soon. With a bidirectional wireless system like Symphony Link, the system can also control the conveyer system and shut it down if danger is ahead. This type of system drastically helps improve safety, efficiency, and compliance.


New Sensors For Existing Machines

Industrial M2M communication has been around for decades, but has always operated through wired systems. Over the last few years in particular, manufacturers have realized the benefits of switching to wireless sensing. With wireless, facility managers are able to decrease maintenance and operational costs, control remote assets, and improve safety. If you’re looking to add wireless, Link Labs is able to analyze your system and help you quickly and securely switch to Symphony Link.

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