In April of 2021, Apple announced the release of its latest technology: AirTags. Since then, many commercial industries in need of an asset management solution have been curious about its use within enterprises large and small. Over the past several weeks, Link Labs has been comparing its comprehensive AirFinder solution against AirTags to see how they rank against one another in providing the best-fit solution in commercial environments. Let’s take a complete look at the blog topics explored.

Do Apple AirTags Have a Real Time Location System (RTLS)?

It’s critical for businesses that operate within an indoor facility, or even ship goods or products to and from a facility, to have a comprehensive solution to locate and monitor business-critical assets. A Real Time Location System helps enable enterprises to better track their assets in real-time by accessing information, such as location. So, how do AirTags fit into an RTLS? Although AirTags enable users to visualize an asset’s location, it runs off of the individual’s wifi, cellular service provider, and/or a network of other Apple users. There are many limitations to this type of location technology.

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First Leader in Enterprise Asset Tracking

When most people think of Apple, they think of them as a leader for a number of different devices – from iPhone to AirPods – it’s understandable. But when it comes to Apple AirTags, they rank below Link Labs AirFinder. AirFinder is the first, patented solution of its kind for asset tracking from indoors to outdoors. There are several factors to consider when comparing AirTags to AirFinder, such as cost, accuracy, and battery life.

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How Does AirFinder Beat AirTags in IoT Asset Management?

In terms of IoT asset management, how do AirTags and AirFinder differ? AirTag is more suited for consumer use, whereas AirFinder is geared toward commercial enterprises needing to deploy a comprehensive asset management solution. An IoT asset management platform helps oversee the lifecycle of asset location and condition from start to finish, and everywhere in between. This empowers companies to have better management over their most critical assets.

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4 Ways Link Labs AirFinder and Apple AirTags Impact the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th industrial revolution uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve manufacturing using machine learning and artificial intelligence. As AirTags are a consumer-based asset management product, they don’t largely impact this latest revolution. AirFinder, on the other hand, serves and can be applied to all types of industries – such as manufacturing. AirFinder can scale to meet a manufacturing company’s specific needs, from indoor to outdoor asset management.

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IoT Platforms and How Apple AirTags Fit in

An IoT platform is the overarching term for a system that connects several devices to enable a specific service. AirFinder, for example, connects its hardware components (beacons, asset tags, gateway, etc.) to its software system to provide users a complete platform for managing assets. For more information on AirFinder and how AirTags fit into an IoT platform, check out the blog.

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Why AirFinder is Better for Commercial Asset Tracking than Apple AirTags

AirTags are asset tags to help consumers keep better track of their stuff – such as keys and wallets. As most consumers don’t lose their stuff often, the battery life of 1 year for AirTags is sufficient. Businesses, on the other hand, have several moveable assets that they need to track several times a day. If a business were to use an AirTag, the tag would die very quickly. This would be a huge inconvenience to change batteries every day and it would be a huge expense as well. For asset management made easy, affordable, and impactful, companies are turning to AirFinder for their needs.

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UWB AirTag Technology: Does it Make Sense for Asset Tracking?

There are several forms of location technologies offered by Real Time Location System providers. Some of these include Wifi, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), and Ultra-Wideband (UWB). AirTag functions off of UWB which allows its tags to find an asset within close proximity because of the large amount of data it sends regulatory to communicate location. Although it can define a more precise location, there are many limitations to this. Other technologies, such as Bluetooth LE that AirFinder uses for indoor asset management, enable users to identify locations based on their specific needs and send location updates as often as needed.

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Can Apple AirTags Be Used for Commercial Asset Tracking?

In theory, Apple AirTags could be applied to a commercial environment for asset tracking. Although possible, there are several limitations that would occur when used in this regard. The AirTag was not designed to help companies manage and track their assets, so they don’t offer many benefits that companies look for, such as long battery life and a comprehensive software system that works no matter what. AirFinder is a commercial asset tracking platform that enables users to track their assets no matter where they go through Link Labs' patented Symphony Link location technology, along with the ability to integrate other location technologies to seamlessly track and monitor assets.

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3 Ways Asset Tracking Hardware Improves Commercial Shipping & Logistics

Commercial shipping and logistics are both complex industries that involve many moving parts.  Services include shipments traveling from business to business or business to a residence.  Being able to track various assets throughout all stages of a shipment’s lifecycle is critical to maintaining a streamlined and uninterrupted workflow.  From inventory management, supply, and transportation all the way to warehousing and customer/business response – an asset tracking hardware system can help enhance these processes. It’s important to consider how AirTags and AirFinder fit into the logistics industry before deciding on a solution.

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Wrapping it Up

Link Labs has done extensive comparative analysis on how AirTags fit into the commercial asset tracking industry framework.  It has been identified that they are a solution for consumers to track stuff.  If your company is in need of an asset management platform, look no further than Link Labs.

For more information on the AirFinder system, request a demo today.

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