The election season is a stressful time for election officials. More so than ever in recent years due to the public perception of the security of elections. With such high pressure from the public, election officials have been taking steps to best prepare for election day. Some election officials know they want to make changes, but are not sure what steps to take to prepare. Research is a great way to learn what you can do, but it can be time consuming to find the right resources. We know how important it is to do this research and how important your time is, so we put together a list of resources to help you come to the best decision.


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Blog - Reduce Hectic Times Through Elections Equipment Tracking

The election season has a lot of moving pieces that can be difficult to properly keep track of. The public scrutiny that’s arisen in recent years has added stress to election officials. It’s essential for officials to take the proper steps to ensure election day goes smoothly and every piece of equipment is secure and accounted for. You can learn how to accomplish this in this blog called “Reduce Hectic Times Through Elections Equipment Tracking.”

In this blog, we break down the chaotic parts of the election process and what steps election officials can take to gain better control over election operations. We share how tracking election equipment increases the security of the election and reinstates the public’s trust.

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Blog - Steps to Take to Ensure Election Security

Ensuring the security of election equipment is an essential part of an election official’s responsibility. The simplest way to keep your equipment secure is to carefully track and monitor the equipment. Step one is investing in a solution that tracks your equipment. The rest of the steps can be found in our blog, “Steps to Take to Ensure Election Security.”

In this blog, we break down the simple steps election officials can follow to ensure equipment security during election season. We share simple actions they can take that will lead to better security which ultimately leads to increased public confidence in the process.

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Blog - How to Provide Transparency in a World Questioning Election Integrity

In recent years, the public has voiced their concerns about how secure elections are. Many have lost trust in those conducting the election, voicing that they want to know what goes on behind the scenes with the election equipment and ballot boxes. They want to know if election officials are following the proper procedures to ensure a secure election. In our blog, “How to Provide Transparency in a World Questioning Election Integrity,” counties can learn what to do to provide the public with a peace of mind during the election process.

The best way to provide this peace of mind is by providing transparency of the election process. If you can provide a paper trail of every movement and custody change of the equipment and ballot boxes, there will be less room for doubt in the minds of the public. Our blog explains how an asset tracking system can be used to provide this transparency.

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Blog - How Counties Can Avoid Public Scrutiny During Elections

With all the recent tensions surrounding elections, it’s no wonder that countries are looking for ways they can minimize the scrutiny they receive. They have identified the cause of the scrutiny. The main cause being a lack of transparency. Our blog, “How Counties Can Avoid Public Scrutiny During Elections,” breaks down this cause and the actions counties can take to minimize the scrutiny they receive while conducting a secure election.

Read this blog to discover how counties can use automated tracking systems to gain full visibility on the movement and status of election equipment. In this blog, you’ll learn how you can regain the public’s trust with ease.

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Blog - How Asset Tracking Reduces Legal Fees

A failure to properly conduct an election results in high legal fees. Even if you properly conduct an election, without a paper trail, you often don’t have enough proof to prevent lawsuits from happening. By investing in an asset tracking system, you can easily track election equipment and collect data surrounding usage. This way, you have all the proof you need to show you are compliant with procedures and conducted a safe election, thus throwing out the lawsuits that try to face you. You can read more about this in our blog.

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Infographic - Keeping Track of Election Equipment 

Tracking election equipment is the best way to address the challenges that arise during the election process. By tracking equipment, officials can make sure the equipment arrives at the right location at the right time. From storage to use and back to storage, knowing the location of your election equipment through the use of an equipment tracker allows you to secure the equipment.

In our infographic, we break down what it looks like to transform the logistics of conducting an election. It shares the risks you face without equipment visibility and the benefits you receive from tracking equipment.

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White Paper - Getting Ahead of Election Logistics Challenges with Asset Tracking

Challenges are unfortunately a part of running an election. The main challenges election officials face is keeping their equipment safe. You want to make sure the equipment arrives at the right location in the right condition. You also want to make sure you know everywhere it's been to prevent lawsuits from occurring. The thought of solving these problems sounds challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Our white paper, “Getting Ahead of Election Logistics Challenges with Asset Tracking” explains why.

The white paper walks through common problems election officials face while trying to make sure the election runs smoothly. It also dives into the simple solution, equipment tracking, that can be used by counties looking to make the change and be better prepared for election season.

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Use Case Brief - Election Equipment Tracking

Tracking election equipment with equipment tracking devices has become very important for counties during election season. Lack of visibility of election equipment has led to a distrust in the election process from the public. Using an IoT solution to gain that visibility has proven successful for counties in their effort to conduct a secure election while regaining the public’s trust.

In our use case brief, we dive into the importance of tracking election equipment and why an RTLS solution is the best choice for an equipment tracker. We also share a true story from a county that we’ve helped. We briefly go over the struggles they had and the success they found through the use of equipment tracking.

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Use Case Brief - Election Chain of Custody Tracking

The best way for counties to avoid paying legal fees post election is by tracking the chain of custody of election equipment. With historical records of where the election equipment was, counties can prove their compliance with requirements and avoid paying legal fees for being accused of a lack of compliance.

In our use case brief, we break down the importance of using an IT tracker for equipment and how it helps counties keep track of their election equipment. We also walk you through an example of a county we’ve helped achieve equipment visibility and the legal fees they were able to avoid by tracking their equipment’s chain of custody with our solution.

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Case Study - Ensuring Election Integrity with Asset Tracking

Counties have recently discovered the importance of tracking election equipment during the election season. For starters, if the equipment doesn’t show up at the right location or show up on time for the election, all processes have to be changed to account for this error. This makes everything more difficult to operate for the workers and volunteers. It also puts doubt into the public’s mind about whether or not election processes are secure. Thankfully, this problem doesn’t have to continue for counties.

In our case study, “Ensuring Election Integrity with Asset Tracking,” we share how we helped a county dealing with the issues described above and eliminate the problems. Through use of our equipment tracking solution, this county now ensures that the equipment arrives at the right location on time and is instilling the public’s trust in the election process, which has led to avoiding legal fees.

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eBook - How To Avoid Election Lawsuits

Legal fees are something every county wants to avoid. Election lawsuits are expensive and frustrating to deal with, and every election official wants to avoid them. Without visibility, it’s easy to be accused and difficult to prove for compliance.

Our eBook breaks down tips for election officials on which steps they should take to avoid facing lawsuits and facing legal fees. By tracking election equipment, election officials can ensure compliance, provide transparency, and increase the overall security of the election process.

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Video - Right Election Equipment, Right Location

With the high levels of stress that come with election season, election officials try their best to prepare for an election day with no issues. Unfortunately, this is difficult to accomplish without the help of an equipment tracking system. By watching our video, you can discover why tracking election equipment is an essential part of election preparation and the benefits counties gain by tracking this important equipment.

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How Will You Prepare For Election Season?

After reviewing these sources, we hope you have a better understanding of the steps you should take to prepare for a secure and smooth election season. Through the use of an equipment tracking system, election officials can be prepared for election season while avoiding legal fees. To learn how our solution can help your county, book a demo with us!

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