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Tag, locate and monitor what matters most, like equipment, supplies, assets and people.
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Go way beyond a barcode with AirFinder.

Monitor and locate equipment, supplies, assets, and people with AirFinder, our patented, cost-effective real-time location system (RTLS).


Use inexpensive, widely available, non-proprietary tags with the form factor that you need. Our patented approach enables a significantly longer battery life, with far lower data transmission needs.


AirFinder applies patented technology to monitor and locate. You'll know where your assets are now and where they've been helping you apply LEAN and Six Sigma to optimize performance.


Set the precision to the level that you need by simply adding or subtracting beacons, over the LoRa network our technology leverages to reduce costs and shave data loads.

Why Link Labs?

Flexible & Affordable

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Airtight Encryption

Infinitely Scalable

The Link Labs Philosophy


Link Labs rapidly prototypes solutions that meet your unique needs, yet exceed your expectations. We use open systems wherever possible, and leverage proprietary creativity where necessary.


Link Labs makes your connectivity solution work seamlessly indoors, outdoors, and on the road, so we can help you architect the least expensive—and most effective—solution.


All our devices can be managed through the cloud via firmware over-the-air, so you can reconfigure your system and update device software without leaving your desk (or breaking the bank).


Deploy with a pilot and scale to hundreds of thousands or millions of connected endpoints. With patented technology capable of millions of messages a minute, you’ll never worry about backend data flow complexity.

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